A Guide to Walther Arms

In 1886, German weapons producer Carl Walther founded the Carl Walther Sportwaffen company in the town of Zella-Mehlis in Thuringia, Germany. It began as a factory in 1780 run by the chief armorer of Kassel Armory, Matthias Conrad Pistor, where Carl apprenticed. The weapons company started by manufacturing hunting and target rifles and has expanded to a wide selection of other firearms. The pistol was one of the first firearms the factory produced with calibers of .25 and .32. Since then, Walther has produced weaponry for more than 100 years in the industry. Today you can find its headquarters in Ulm and Arnberg, Germany with an American branch located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Types of Walther Arms Guns

Walther Creed 9mm

Here at Gunprime, we carry signature Walther firearms that are reliable in performance with an accurate trigger design like the Walther Creed 9mm. Its trigger has a pre-cocked double-action and a bobbed hammer providing a snag-proof operation. This pistol has a 9 caliber with a barrel length of 4" making it a weapon that's compact in size and lightweight to carry. Check your state's law as some models may not be legal for sale in your location.

Walther PK380

If you're looking for versatile firing, the Walther PK380 provides a single- or double-action option with the same power behind every shot. This model operates on a Browning system and is also unique amongst the usual designs of Walther firearms with no side release lever, requiring the shooter's precise movements to release its magazine. Even so, this pistol is manageable and a benefit for the right-handed, left-handed, and ambidextrous.

Walther PPQ

The Walther PPQ is another signature model primarily used for law enforcement as a quick defense semi-automatic pistol. It's a model similar to the Walther P99QA in its main features, but it does differ with a fully cocked striker ready to fire. Usually, this model comes in many different variants and caliber sizes offering accommodation for anyone. Look through our selection to find what suits you best.

Walther PPS

With a slim profile, the Walther PPS is a preferred option for those looking for a compact size with the same power as the most efficient models. This pistol is used by law enforcement personnel as well as a concealed firearm for others. In this line, the Walther PPS M2 is available with a laser feature, allowing a more accurate line of focus for drill operations and other moments law enforcement professionals could encounter.

Whether you're looking for additional magazines as replacements for your existing Walther pistol, a high-quality new weapon, or other Walther models, Gunprime is a great place to browse through a wide selection you just can't beat.

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